With Manufacturing being more automated, it is imperative to be able to make business decisions based on more facts and data and less on gut feeling and “experience”.

“Experience” is very important and used properly can be the difference between success and failure. However, today’s world is full of moving parts and, what I like to call, unpredictable unknowns. The human brain, regardless of how smart and unique, cannot handle and process the huge amount of information and parameters. Therefore, it becomes evident that an intelligent system is needed to feed us with tailor-made, pre-analyzed information both real-time and past, to allow better decision making, increasing efficiency and saving cost through better planning and predictive maintenance.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a new “buzz” word, pertaining almost all industries. In essence, the IoT is nothing more than a system that allows a better and accessible flow of information to decision makers. The key element to it, is that it presents information in an easy to understand format that is uniquely designed to fit needs of your business.

According to Business Insider Article (and many others you can find online), the impact of IoT will be immense. If Manufacturing wasn’t competitive enough, the IoT is going to change everything. Successful implementation of the IoT in the Manufacturing industry means several things:

1. Better customer service – by being able to test the prototypes through real-time usage data (engineering), the released products have better quality and less customer complaints.

2. Reducing down time of machines – by having all the information at hand, better planning can be achieved.

3. Predictive Maintenance – by better planning and information accessibility, maintenance of machinery can be better planned and implemented.

4. Just-in-time production – Agile production planning, through transparency, information availability and team collaboration. Leverage information from Sales & Marketing into intelligent planning of production.


At A2Z-Consulting, we provide all aspects of managing an IoT project. From identifying the goals of such project, planning, budgeting, ROI calculations, design, implementation, installation, training and maintenance. We can do all that, or some – it depends on your needs, staffing and existing expertise.

Your goal, is what we have in mind at all stages of the project. We will achieve it together.


Please contact us to learn more about how the IoT can impact your business.