It is obvious to anyone, in the agricultural world, that the next 5 years will be all about efficiency. This means 2 things: reducing expenses and increasing production. The fact of the matter is that agriculture is different than other industries, it highly depends on the unpredictable weather. The upcoming technological revolution is not going to fix this. However, it will provide real-time information about topography, climate parameters, your field and crop. Combined with historic data, smart “tailor-made” algorithms and lightning fast access on any device, creates a tool that allows you to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Introducing the IoT (Internet of Things) – a technology concept of getting feedback from any “thing” in your business. In agriculture, the weather, your field, your crop and even your machinery can speak. You will be amazed by the things they will tell you.

The other “buzz word” that has been around for a couple of years now – big data, did not carry a revolution with it. This was due to the fact that gathering data, tells you nothing, unless you hire a Business Analyst. Sadly, even then, the information is deciphered according to the individual’s experience and knowledge. The IoT, brings even more data to the “big data” concept. However, it is supported by smart software that turns all of that information into intelligence that is easily interpreted and allows better decision making.

This technological revolution is unavoidable. It will impact, almost all industries (energy, government, healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing, logistics & supply chain, etc…). We are now at the beginning of its adoption. The earlier you take advantage of this disruptive technology, the more competitive you will become.

Whoever embraces these tools will grow and evolve. Ones that choose to ignore this or wait too long, will become less competitive in their market and, subsequently, go out of business.

At A2Z-Consulting, we plan and manage the IoT project that applies to your particular challenge. We assist in implementing it and achieve the results you need and want for your business.

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Monitor and control all sensors in real time

Use intelligent sensors and fast connectivity infrastructure to monitor all sensors in real-time

Connect your sensors to your system

Use the infrastructure of large companies to deliver lightning speed connectivity. Smart sensors and devices delivering to your system and your system delivering instructions to your smart sensors and devices.

Use your own business logic to decypher information and make great decisions

Through your hard work and experience, you’ve learned what works for your business and what doesn’t. Leverage this knowledge and build intelligent software mechanism with ease to make your business a huge success.