A2Z-Consulting is a new initiative, taken by Alex Zlatin. A well rounded business professional with years of management experience in many industries. Alex’s vision for A2Z-Consulting is to assist companies in staying competitive in the ever-evolving and ever-changing difficult world of business.

In order to achieve this, Alex developed a unique concept for his services. No risk business proposition. Payment is only a percentage of the project’s cost, paid only when a project is a success.

Alex Zlatin

Founder and CEO

MBA, B.Sc., CME Assessor, Futurepreneur Mentor

Arkady Morinova

Senior project Manager

Industrial Electrician

Karina Zlatin

Office Manager and Project Coordinator

B.Ed, M.Ed.

About A2Z-Consulting

A2Z-Consulting, led by Alex Zlatin, specializes in IoT Project Management, Industrial Electrics and Electronics, Software Implementation and IT management (including networks both local and virtualized). We are conveniently located in Winnipeg, MB and are ready for your next project.

Being local, connecting with the community, the markets and the people behind the business are the important elements of our business.

We believe that technology should work for us and not the other way around. We employ only professionals that are business oriented. This is key in looking at all situations from the business perspective.