A case study, in its essence, is a situation in life, where you have faced a problem and came up with a solution. there are 3 types of Case Studies:

  1. The one with a good outcome – This is by far the most used one. It is suppose to show you (the potential buyer of some product or service) how smart, charismatic and resourceful they are in difficult situations. Although there are good outcome ones, they are by far the minority.
  2. The one with no outcome – this one is tricky, as it is extremely difficult to measure nothing. Also, this is the most frustrating one, as not much can be learned from this scenario. No one will share these, just because they are useless and do not serve any purpose.
  3. The one with a bad outcome – this is the most common one, and occurs all the time. Today’s reality is a complex set of variables, moving parts and unpredictable people. Regardless of how smart or experienced you are, you cannot think of everything. These are the most useful Case Studies, as they teach you the most.

George Bernard Shaw said: “Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time”. Making a lot of mistakes, especially in the beginning of your career is crucial for your success, later on.

Below you can find Case Studies of type #1 and #3. I hope it will help you in your journey.

The one where Alex re-invents the wheel

Owning a business, or working for one, both have the necessity for a minimum level of work ethics. The common sense factor is missing with a lot of business owners and employees. What I found in North America, was that it is more difficult to purchase something when you want it…

The one where Alex is an IT Consultant

Coming into working in a software company, one might imagine that they would be using the most advanced software tools in-house. The reality is that “the shoe-maker walks barefoot”. Imagine my surprise when I realized that a 25 employee company is working in 7 (!) different computer systems (and some paper ones)…

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